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ECHO — Encountering Christ in Others — has been active on Cape Cod and the Islands for fifty years. This Christian weekend retreat program, under the auspices of the Fall River Diocese, is open to all high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are seeking to deepen their faith, enhance their relationship with God, and learn something about themselves.

Six separate retreat weekends are offered each year beginning in November and ending in March; three for young men and three for young women. The weekends are held at the Craigville Conference Center in Centerville, MA.

A team of adults, teenagers, and spiritual directors spend months in preparation for each weekend and then facilitate the three-day retreats.




Each weekend begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday night. Although many weekends have their own unique themes, the overall theme for each retreat is the Paschal Mystery. Friday night focuses on Christ has Died, Saturday on Christ is Risen, and Sunday on Christ will Come Again.

ECHO provides its participants with the opportunity to share their beliefs and experiences in a loving, non-judgmental community. The team members on each weekend are examples of people who have accepted the challenge on the back of the ECHO cross that says, "Christ is Counting on You." Following each weekend, the new candidates meet members of the extended ECHO community and learn ways that they can become involved in the program if they wish to do so.


In addition to experiencing an ECHO weekend, members of the ECHO community have the opportunity to gather twice weekly at reunions in Mashpee and Centerville to get together, laugh, learn, and grow. Everyone is welcome at these reunions no matter how long it has been since the last time someone participated in an ECHO activity.

The ECHO community also participates in many annual group events including a walk on the Cape Cod Canal on Good Friday to benefit an orphanage in Haiti, Youth Street Reach in Hyannis, an adult vs. kids softball game, and a summer cookout.

To date, over 12,000 young people have experienced an ECHO weekend over the past fifty years.



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