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Watch the new Echo Video that explains the Echo program. Details on the retreat weekends are listed below.



An ECHO Weekend is a time set aside to be with the Lord and His people. It is a time of listening, worshiping, praying, and rejoicing. This is not done in an academic environment but in a warm, supportive, and open atmosphere. An ECHO is a weekend young people can use to experience the goodness of the Lord within themselves and within others.

Participants in an ECHO often form deep and lasting friendships with each other and with the Lord.

Having been touched by the Lord in this special way, young people acquire the desire and the means to bring Christ to others.


The ECHO Weekend is open to all high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Younger students are advised to wait until they have been confirmed. College freshmen and sophomores may also participate.

The ECHO Weekend is conducted by a team of highly trained priests, adults and young people. ECHO is endorsed by the Catholic Church of the Diocese of Fall River.


The purpose of the ECHO Weekend is to deepen the relationship between the young persons, Jesus, and the Church. It is a relationship begun in Baptism and strengthened in the Sacrament of Confirmation. The ECHO affords the opportunity for young people to experience God's love for them in a profound and often surprising way. It assists them to prepare for a life of faith in a world sometimes hostile to Christian values.

Where & How?

The ECHO Weekends are held at the Craigville Conference Center in the town of Barnstable. The offering for room and board is $160.00. Individuals are invited to register online here, or registration forms may be printed or obtained from an adult or young person involved in the program. Many rectories and Religious Education Centers also have applications available.



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